Call for Papers: Workshop on “International Leadership”
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Call for Papers:

Workshop on “International Leadership”

19 June 2017

Fudan University, Shanghai

The School of International Relations and Public Affairs (SIRPA) of Fudan University, working with its partner institutions and the journal of Chinese Political Science Review, extends an invitation for the submission of papers to the workshop on “International Leadership” to be held around 19 June 2017 in Shanghai.

Deadline for Submission of paper proposals: March 20th 2017.

Since the 2008-2009 Economic Crisis, the economic balance of power has shifted away from the Western centres of power. In the following decade, it has become gradually clearer that Western great powers are increasingly turning inwards and are neither willing nor able to bear the burdens of global leadership. The election of President Trump, Brexit, and uncertainties over the future of the EU and NATO are symptoms that we are entering a new era of world politics. For the first time since WWII, the United States seems to be abandoning its internationalist vision and global leadership role, instead turning inwards if not isolationist. Meanwhile, global governance challenges are on the rise, from climate change, terrorism, migration, nuclear proliferation and cybersecurity to economic inequality, development, finance and trade. The world demands more international leadership and at the same time, it seems leadership is not sufficiently supplied and may face a further shortage.

The workshop intends to address the key issues of the coming international leadership challenges: what are the theoretical debates on international leadership? What does the new foreign policy orientation of the Trump administration imply for the future of international leadership? Are we witnessing a leadership transition where China and emerging powers provide more international leadership or rather moving into a leaderless G-Zero world? Will we see a more selective and ad hoc leadership (e.g. China on climate and trade, the United States on terrorism). Can existing institutions ensure meaningful global governance in these different issue areas? If collective leadership shall be the new normal in the new world, how can effective leadership be orchestrated collectively? Alternatively, are we moving towards a more regionalized kind of leadership and, if so, what will be the leadership landscapes in different regions of the world?

We welcome paper abstracts (both theoretical and empirical), which can contribute to the discussion of “International Leadership” as highlighted above. Priority will be given (but not limited to) to papers focusing on the themes listed below: 

  • Theories of International Leadership
  • Trump government and international leadership
  • China and International Leadership
  • Other Major Powers and International Leadership
  • Soft Power and International Leadership
  • International Organizations and Global Leadership
  • Regional Leadership and International Leadership
  • International Leadership and Global Governance (in issue areas of Environmental Issues, Transnational Crimes, Terrorism, Refugees, Cyber Security and Nuclear Security, etc.)
  • Other Themes (Relating to the “International Leadership”)

Workshop and Output: 

Please submit paper proposals of approximately 300 words along with a brief English CV (1 page) to Ms. Pippa Morgan <> no later than March 20th, 2017. The organisers will invite paper-givers to the workshop in the beginning of April, 2017, economic airfares will be covered by SIRPA or partner institutions. SIRPA will cover 2-3 nights of local accommodations in Shanghai. Contributors are expected to submit 6000 words papers by June 6th. 2017 or earlier. The best contributed papers could be selected for a special issue in the Chinese Political Science Review, a journal in English edited by SIRPA colleagues and published by the Springer ( )