China-CEE Cooperation and OBOR: Sharing Opportunities and Forging Synergies(5月27日)
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Shanghai Forum 2017 · Roundtable

China-CEE Cooperation and OBOR: Sharing Opportunities and Forging Synergies


Organizer: School of International Relations and Public Affairs, Fudan University

Co-organizer: Latvian Institute of International Affairs

Estonian Foreign Policy Institute

Italian Institute for International Political Studies (ISPI)

Time: 13:30-17:10, May 27

Venue: Room 5G, 5th Floor, SICC

Chair: Zhang Ji

Session One

Moderator: Andris Sprūds

13:30-13:35 Zhang Ji        Opening Remarks

13:35-13:50 Liu Zuokui        China-CEE Countries Cooperation under OBOR

13:50-14:05 Zivadin Jovanovic China – CEE cooperation under OBOR and the role of Serbia

14:05-14:20 Lauri Mälksoo     China-CEE Cooperation, Its Potential and Perspectives: A View from Estonia

14:20-14:35 Andris Sprūds     Towards Synergy of Visions and Interests in China-CEE Cooperation: Latvia’s Perspective

14:35-14:50 Adriana Skorupska Poland-China Sub-regional Cooperation

14:50-15:05 Dai Yichen       The new development of Poland, Hungary and Czech’s relations with China under the B&R Initiative

15:05-15:20 Discussion

15:20-15:35 Coffee Break/Group Photo

Session Two

Moderator: Lauri Mälksoo

15:35-15:50 Viktor Eszterhai   Setting New International Rules and the Belt and Road Initiative: a Central European Perspective

15:50-16:05 Jin Ling          EU’s role in 16+1: its impact on BRI

16:05-16:20 Alessia Amighini   China-EU Cooperation and OBOR through the EU-China Connectivity Platform: Policy Implications

16:20-16:35 Xiang Zuotao     Dual Momentums of China-CEE Cooperation: Advantage and Contradiction

16:35-16:50 Song Lilei         China-CEE Cooperation in the Context of the Belt and Road Initiative

16:50-17:05 Discussion

17:05      Zhang Ji          Closing Remarks


张骥Zhang Ji      复旦大学Fudan University


Adriana Skorupska   波兰国际事务研究所Polish Institute of International Affairs

Alessia Amighini   意大利国际绩效促进协会Institute for International Political Studies

Andris Sprūds      拉脱维亚国际事务研究所Latvian Institute of International Affairs

戴轶尘Dai Yichen   上海社会科学院Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences

金玲Jin Ling       中国国际问题研究院China Institute of International Studies

Lauri Mälksoo      爱沙尼亚外交政策研究所Estonian Foreign Policy Institute

刘作奎Liu Zuokui   中国社会科学院Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

宋黎磊Song Lilei   同济大学Tongji University

Viktor Eszterhai    帕拉斯·雅典娜地缘政治基金会Pallas Athene Geopolitical Foundation

项佐涛Xiang Zuotao 北京大学Peking University

Zivadin Jovanovic    贝尔格莱德世界公平论坛Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals